Vision for the Future

As a community, we currently face the challenge of having an iconic building that we cannot use. It is costly to earthquake strengthen  and requires investment to make it useful to our community. We have decided to pursue upgrading our building for a number of reasons:

  • It is one of the few iconic, loved, buildings in Palmerston North;
  • The community and council have clearly expressed their desire that this building not be lost – it helps define the city centre;
  • It is a community asset with unique qualities for the performance of the arts as well as for worship; and
  • We believe we are meant to be a church that serves the city centre – the soul of a city needs to be nurtured.We are asking your support in seeing this community asset, this regional icon, fully restored and brought into a new epoch of activity and service.
  • PHOTO: Concept drawing for the front of All Saints Church


    Draft Building Consent Consultation Document

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